Leofryn Grey-eyes

A stern, severe shield-maid of the Rohirrim. She was born in Snowbourn to one of its most accomplished weavers, and was known from an early age for her exceptional and uncanny beauty.

As a child, she was often accused of witchcraft by the superstitious folk of Snowbourn because of the rumour that she had been Elf-blessed while in the womb. Their accusations were more accurate than any of them realized.

Leofryn's mother often exchanged letters with her best friend, Leofwen, after whom Leofryn was named. Leofwen had gone to live with her husband in Minas Tirith, and wrote often about life in the citadel and of her son, Landuin. The two mothers spoke often of their hope that Landuin and Leofryn would one day fall in love and be wed, and indeed from the descriptions of him, Leofryn came to love the picture of this noble boy from the city of stone.

Though Leofryn wished for nothing more than to be a hearth-wife and to live a good domestic life, circumstance forced a sword into her hand. The coming years beat her into the burdened role of shield-maid, fated to defend the very people who reviled and mistrusted her. When she heard of Landuin's departure for Eriador, she took her first opportunity to follow him, hoping she might find a better life in the north with this unknown man she had somehow loved all her life.

Courage, perseverance, and a bit of luck eventually led her to cross paths with Landuin and his younger brother Oendir both in Bree-town. She joined forces with them, and began to finally learn about this man she had dreamed of. He proved to be everything she had imagined him to be. Though their courtship was slow and subtle, it was felt deeply by them both.

During a skirmish with Orcs in Agamaur, Leofryn discovered a terrified young girl hiding in the hollow of a dead tree. The girl could remember nothing of her life before the Orcs caught her. Leofryn named her Ceceil, and began to train her as a herald. She watched the girl grow into a bold and capable warrior in her own right, and reluctantly agreed to let Ceceil marry Broddi, a bashful and well-meaning lad of Dale. When Landuin vanished and was presumed dead, Leofryn found solace for her grief in the joy Ceceil and Broddi shared. She also established a deep and affectionate friendship with Broddi's older sister, Cynewynne.

Then the Haradic witch Kalidah began to haunt Oendir's company, The Wayfarers' Guild, and Leofryn quickly realized that the best way she could protect the Wayfarers was to gain Kalidah's trust, and work from the inside. By now an accomplished witch herself, Leofryn secretly became Kalidah's right-hand woman, and often had the unenviable task of harrying the Wayfarers to Kalidah's satisfaction without doing them any lasting harm.

Kalidah poisoned Ceceil's mind and drove her into a blood-crazed madness as a way to keep Leofryn in check, further adding to Leofryn's burdensome and dangerous secrets. When the wind-spirit Fionwe revealed to Leofryn that she was one of the Watchers, Leofryn only became more ardent in her desire to protect the Wayfarers. Many times, she was able to offer them genuine aid under the guise of gathering intelligence for Kalidah.

When Kalidah kidnapped Oendir in a crazed attempt to resurrect her son, Rahim, and place his spirit in Oendir's body, Leofryn realized that she must do something drastic. She publicly betrayed the Wayfarers, of whom Oendir and Cynewynne were the most deeply cut. This sealed Kalidah's trust, allowing Leofryn to get as close as she needed.

During the resurrection ritual, she betrayed Kalidah. Their magic clashed, and the soul-switch spell meant to be applied to Oendir applied to them, instead. Both witches were severely weakened by the clash, allowing the Wayfarers to attack. Not realizing what had occurred, Cynewynne drove her halberd into Kalidah's heart, thus killing her friend and shield-sister. Kalidah, now in Leofryn's body, was killed shortly after.

After they had returned home and recovered, the grieving Wayfarers decided to carry Leofryn's ashes south through Dunland to the Gap of Rohan, where her parents would meet them to take the ashes back to Snowbourn. There they encountered Landuin, alive but with no memory of his past. He held and blessed the ashes of his former lover, unknowing of their significance to him.

Leofryn's mother scattered her daughter's ashes on the banks of the Snowbourn river, where Leofryn used to play as a girl.

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