Laranya Sun-Eyed

Laranya was an ancestor of Arvorn Naurhir and Atanamir. She was the lover of Sadim of Harad and remained at his side when they joined with the other Children of Gailion.

Laranya was a Haradrim woman, said to have been cursed after slaying an old woman in a feud between clans. The curse caused her great pain and torment, and she awoke with eyes that blazed a burning gold like the sun. Both haunted and enlightened by the visions she had seen, she took to wandering Harad, becoming known as a sage and a paragon of peaceable solutions. She met Sadim in her travels, when he saved her from several men who thought to capture her for their clan. The two remained together thereafter, travelling beyond Harad as lovers.

In Nen Hithoel, Laranya was associated with Atanamir, while Sadim was associated with Arvorn.

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