A man of Minas Tirith, heir to the noble House Dolmanadh. He is the older brother to Oendir, and son of Laerendir and Leofwen.

He was separated from his beloved brother when Oendir was cast from the house at the age of eleven. They were reunited briefly many years later in Bree-land, before war tore them away from each other again.

Due to a grievous injury in battle, Landuin lost all memory of his former life. He was discovered half-drowned in the Anduin river by a patrol of Rohirrim, who brought him back to their settlement of Eafeld. He built a new life for himself there under the name Langafel, and eventually became the Thane of Eafeld. There, he met and married the swordmaiden Valyrdis, and built a friendship with his formerly estranged cousin, Ulthwald.

He is a grim, quiet man of meticulous discipline. He harbors a deep fear of the wilderness, and seems unduly burdened by nightmares. Some have claimed to see him walking the Eafeld ramparts at night in the company of a shimmering spectre.

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