"And here was a sight that cast more warmth within the woman's heart than any hearth. Here stood her husband, smelling of rain-washed earth, his frame rigid but his expression gentle. She rose and went to him, eyes glittering, and gently kissed his jaws as she took his hands in her own."

A famous general in the army of Minas Tirith, and a member of the noble House Dolmanadh. His wife was Leofwen of Snowbourn. He is father to Landuin and Oendir. He is also the suspected father of Harold Farindon.

After Landuin's birth, Laerendir was gravely injured in battle and forced to retire from the army. His permanent disfigurement left him bitter and resentful. When Leofwen died giving birth to Oendir, Laerendir plunged into maddened depression, and heaped his grief upon Oendir as blame. He was dangerously neglectful of Oendir as a child, thus leaving most of Oendir's care to Landuin.

When Oendir's inattentiveness caused Landuin to be gravely injured during his first foray as a commanding officer, Laerendir cut Oendir's hair and banished him from the house. Oendir fled, and the two never spoke again. When Landuin recovered and learned what Laerendir had done, he cursed his father's name and left immediately to pursue Oendir.

Many years later, Laerendir died of heart failure, alone and without reconciliation. In his will he bestowed an ancestral heirloom, an ancient spear called Gimlad, to Oendir. Though he didn't know for certain, he suspected that Oendir lived, and knew the spear would find him. Thus his last act in life was to saddle his youngest son with the same curse that had led his life to ruin.

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