Laegion was raised in a very wealthy family. Though everything was always provided for him, he was taught that you must work hard to earn what it is you have. He worked beside his father when it came to their business, and learned the ins and outs of trade. With his two brothers being in the military, it was determined that Laegion was to be the House Head should something happen to his father.

Around the age of twenty, his father set up a betrothal between he and a young woman from House Eluiel of Minas Tirith. Laegion and Tessriel courted for approximately a year before they were wed, and the successes of their courtship was apparent by the happiness the two shared. If their happiness was not an indicator in itself, the five children they shared certainly would be.

When the time came and his father passed, Laegion took up the House under his wing and worked successfully at keeping it running. Despite the slow of business due to war, Laegion has worked hard to maintain things with success. Now that the fighting slows, he is preparing to get business back in line to provide the best for his family as can be, and set up the success of his House for future generations to come.

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