Lady Step Lightly

A playful, finicky, dapple-grey Andalusian belonging to Knight-investigator Hathlafel Demechil. She was assigned to him as the usual reward for a knight's several years of service, and the took to each other immediately. He dotes on herl ike a spoiled daughter, and affectionately refers to her as "my girl" and "Lady Lightly."

Lady Step Lightly is a bright, curious, and playful creature, but very particular about her food, lodging, and company kept. She requires a clean stall, has very expensive taste in food, and will only allow her mane to be brushed by either Hathlafel, or cooing young girls.

During the corsair siege on Dol Amroth, when Hathlafel was wounded, Lady Step Lightly dragged him to her stall, and defended him from harm until Hathlafel's daughter, Arameril, showed up to help.

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