A legendary spear made of unmelting ice. It is said to present itself to a worthy hero when the Lossoth people need it most. Legend holds that it was crafted by the Brother-god Vesi for the ancient Lumi-vaki hero, Urho. Urho used it to carve a path through the then-uninhabitable Ice-bay to make a home for his people. It was next wielded by a Lumi-vaki woman named Boudca, who used it to drive away an ancient and powerful ice-wyrm.

The spear is perhaps the most contested piece of Lossoth lore, as its origin story is built on the idea that the Lumi-vaki were the first to settle Forochel (a claim that has since been debunked by archaeological evidence). This is but one of many sore points between the Lumi-vaki and the Korppi-vaki, who were inhabiting Forochel long before the Lumi-vaki ever arrived from the Dale-lands.

The Kylma-keihas was recently wielded by Panja, the young chief of the Korppi-vaki. He used it to unite the Lossoth tribes when encroaching agents from Angmar threatened to shatter the fragile peace between them. After the Angmarim were driven away and the tribes reunited, Panja and his friend, a Breeish boy called Hallem Kemp, returned the Kylma-keihas to the sea.

Most recently, the Kylma-keihas was retrieved by the Elf Kemendin. In the Wayfarers' struggle against the ancient god, Tumma, it was wielded by Taja to defeat the baleful entity.

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