The charismatic, inscrutable young apprentice of the Dalish plague doctor, Athalbert. A slender, uncanny youth with perfectly styled hair and an ever-present cool smile.

Early Life

Kennick was the only child of a Dalish farmer and his wife. He was seven when they were killed when a tree crashed through their house and brought the roof down on top of them, and he claims not to remember them well. From the age of seven to thirteen he worked for a distant relation of his father, on a farm some miles away.

He was a quietly malicious child, who took subtle revenge on anyone he felt had wronged him. The farmhands bullied him because he was small and unsettling, and he bullied them back in silent, psychological ways. He knotted their hair at night, spread rumors and manipulated their relationships, and messed with farm tools to make their jobs harder. In return (in understandably foul moods) they beat him and set their dogs to chase him. It was a gloriously horrible time.

It was in the process of gradually hemming their bedsheets shorter that he discovered a natural talent for sewing, though he had nowhere to use it.


The last straw for his relations came when he sold their dogs to a traveling merchant in secret. Recognizing Kennick for the blight he was, his relations threw him out, leaving him penniless. He scavenged a living on the streets for several cold months, selling bottles of a "Mystical Drink For Improving Clarity, Wit, And Situational Brilliance," and it was during one of his sales pitches that a physician named Athalbert first stumbled across him.

Impressed by his ability to write and his power of speech- and in need of a new assistant since the last one died suddenly- Athalbert took him on as an apprentice. He began to teach Kennick medical work, and Kennick quickly discovered how to walk the line between laziness and brilliance.

Together, they worked in Dale and surrounding areas for seven years, before a number of unfortunate deaths and tense situations prompted Athalbert to try for the west. They traveled to Bree, and have stayed there since.

Bree and Esthyr Mossfoot

It was in Bree that Kennick rediscovered his talent and passion for sewing. He convinced a senile old woman that her curtains were part of the payment Athalbert required for a medical visit, and brought them back in secret to experiment with. It was with those that he first learned how to make fabric roses, which would become his trademark. As he had time, he began selling them to make money for more fabric, and a secret business was born.

He began a search for potential customers, for both roses and more elaborate articles of clothing, and it was in doing this that he first stumbled across Esthyr Mossfoot, a passionate and gravely ill young woman who was fascinated with all things macabre. With his rather incredulous permission, Esthyr added him to her list of potential suitors, alongside Hallem Kemp.

A number of months later (and rather to Kennick's shock), Esthyr announced that she wanted Kennick to be her only suitor. It was in that moment that Kennick realized it was no longer a game, and that he had to take her- and especially her father- seriously.

Though the growth of feelings for her was slow, he did began to like her- and then, haltingly, falteringly, he began to fall in love, much to Athalbert's disappointment.

Kennick's tailoring business began to expand immensely, though he still worked around the apprenticeship he kept with Athalbert.

Current Life

On Esthyr's 17th birthday, she and Kennick got into an argument and Esthyr ended the relationship. Neither made a move to repair it, and they remained apart.

Kennick continued with his work, adding to the business where he could, and he has begun preparing for his final physician tests until Athalbert. He can be found in The Prancing Pony most days, conversing cheerfully with anyone who comes his way and avoiding Esthyr.

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