Kemendin Mahtanárë

An ancient, introspective Elf who served with The Wayfarers' Guild and resided in the village of Durrow-on-Dunwash, south of Bree. He shared his house with Cirieldis, his dear friend and sometimes-admirer until her return to Dol Amroth. He also kept the company of a sharp-tongued Elf-maid named Culinwen, and was fond of the Ranger Aradir. He is the uncle of Faluin Tale-teller.

Early Years

Little is known of Kemendin's early years; he speaks rarely of his past except when prompted, and then only to a few. He spent his childhood and youth by the shores of Beleriand, presumably with his parents as well as his younger sister, Lindenen. He has implied that Lindenen was a victim of the kinstrife that afflicted his homeland. His parents, stricken by her death, sailed West some time later, leaving Kemendin with his decision to remain in Middle-earth.

Kemendin spent the following centuries travelling and expanding his desire for knowledge. He remained for a significant time in Imladris, studying there under the hospitality of Elrond Half-elven, whom he holds in high esteem. He also made himself at home in Moria during its height, and explored the Dwarven realm incessantly. The entire extent of his travels is unknown.

Kemendin was eager to forge ties with other Dwarves after his sojourn in Moria. He settled in the Refuge of Edhelion, where the Elves and Dwarves had a working, if rocky, relationship, and attempted to forge a more permanent alliance. Skorgrim and his Dourhands had other ideas, and eventually attacked the sanctuary. Enraged, Kemendin cut down every one of the attackers he could find, and was only shaken from his wrath by news of his dear friend and mentor, Talagan's, death. After Edhelion was abandoned out of respect for its fallen, Kemendin remained nearby, unable to come to terms with what had happened.

During the late Third Age, he travelled to Mirkwood, wary of the shadow that had fallen there and determined to discover all he could of Dol Guldur and its master. His attempts to penetrate the fortress were discovered, and he was taken captive. He remained imprisoned there until the White Council's assault on Dol Guldur, and once freed, returned to Imladris. He never spoke of those events to anyone.

The Wayfarers

Whilst passing through Bree, Kemendin received word of a group of adventurers who intended to travel to Mirkwood. He quickly made arrangements to meet the Wayfarers on the border of Lothlorien, and then accompany them to Mirkwood. He remained on the fringes of the company for most of the journey, an outsider and under suspicion by some. The harrowing infiltration, capture, and escape that followed under Dol Guldur's shadow, however, brought Kemendin closer to the Wayfarers, forging a respect and admiration for their unity and purpose. Upon their return to Bree, he was extended the offer of remaining with the company, and he gladly accepted. He travelled with them on many of their campaigns, acting as an advisor when needed.

Life in Bree

With Oendir's permission, Kemendin took up residence at 3 Fountain Street in Durrow, a cottage set on a rise that afforded him some privacy. During the intervals between travelling, he kept mostly to himself; however he did extend an offer of hospitality to his close friend Cirieldis, and they settled into a harmonious if rather teasing sort of domesticity.

Dol Amroth

Kemendin accompanied Cirieldis and the Wayfarers on their journey to Dol Amroth, determined to aid Ciri and her brother in discovering the current state of the city and reestablishing the position of House Colagar. He appointed himself Ciri's unofficial guardian as the Wayfarers grew more aware of the deep currents of political schemes that threatened the city, and thus took it personally when she was abducted as part of Lady Gwenithel's plans. The subsequent discovery of her change into a violent, mindless pawn, thanks to Gwenithel's abuse of the ink in Ciri's blood, nearly broke him. He confronted Cirieldis on the skybridge of the Ivory Tower in a desperate attempt to free her of Gwenithel's control. A vicious battle ensued between them, leaving Ciri apparently dead, and Kemendin close to it.

Following the revelation that Ciri had in fact survived, Kemendin was forced to face the truth of his own feelings for her. He confessed his love during the final assault on the Ivory Tower and Gwenithel. In the aftermath of the corsair attack on the city, the two tried to reconcile their feelings, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Unable to bear being so close to her, Kemendin soon fled the city, and reappeared in Durrow after several months without contact.


During the Wayfarers' stay in Suri-kyla to help with preparations for Panja's wedding, they discovered the existence of an ancient being in the spirit world, a follower of Morgoth called Tumma. It was revealed that only the great spear called Kylma-keihas could end the threat of this evil spirit. Kemendin made the decision to offer himself as the blood sacrifice needed to take the spear from its resting place. He was buried in the avalanche that resulted from the removal of the Kylma-keihas.

His spirit reappeared briefly in the Henki-maa to aid the Wayfarers in the battle against Tumma, taking the brunt of an attack to protect them, and was vanquished in the process.


Kemendin remained trapped beneath the ice and on the edge of death until he was rescued by the dwarf Grimkur. He was taken to Rivendell and lingered there, slowly healing but forever altered. When strong enough, he returned to Dol Amroth, shocking the Wayfarers, and appointed himself Ciri's guardian once again.

Since his near death, he has been preoccupied and erratic, and behaving in a strangely hunted way. He has recently disappeared from Dol Amroth, with no one seeming to know his whereabouts.

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