Name: Kaylee Rose
Race and Heritage: Man, Bree-land, Bree
Age and DoB: 24, July 5th
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Dark brown, nearly black. Quite curly, and sits well below her shoulders.
Eyes: Her suitors say they're golden, but they're just a rather light shade of brown.
Physique and Features: Slender, with curves in places that tend to please the masses.

Family: The Roses are well-established in Bree as a family of merchants and tradesmen. Both of Kaylee's parents work, as well as her two older brothers.
Friends/Enemies: She gets along well with Alden and Chloe, and finds Colton both obnoxious and amusing, depending on where his energies are directing. She will occasionally take walks with Austri to discuss business.
Pets: None
Guild Role: Diplomat/Trader
Skills: Diplomacy (2), Mercantilism (3), arithmetic (2)
Aspirations: To outwit her older brothers and become the most successful (wealthy) of the Rose children.

Other Facts

  • Kaylee hasn't had any long-term romantic relationships - at least none that she's talked about openly. She's comfortable flirting with other people, and will go out on the town if invited by someone she finds charming, but things never seem to go much further.
  • She wears a necklace that had a small bottle attached to it that's always filled with something different - semi-precious stones, multicolored sands, honey, wine, and a bean sprout to name a few things that have been in there.
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