Kalidah Mariam

A Haradic witch who hounded the members of The Wayfarers' Guild for several years, causing them immense grief and suffering through her evil actions. Many of the Wayfarers suffer lingering phobia of fire because of her witchcraft.

She was born Yamha of Kadheer, a simple slave-woman with a noble heart. However, years of cruelty and neglect, as well as the death of her beloved son, Abdul-Rahim, led her down a much darker path. Through long years and great sacrifice, she gained mastery over illusion spells and the command of flame.

She first appeared to the Wayfarers as a crone on the shores of Lake Evendim, and then again as a beautiful maid in the Lone-lands, where she attempted to kill Beacher Bailey to break the Wayfarers' morale.

From then on, she continued to meddle with them as they carried out their work throughout Eriador. Many innocent people died as a result of her hunt. Eventually she convinced the shield-maid Leofryn, an ally of the Wayfarers, to work for her. Unbeknownst to her, however, Leofryn agreed out of a secret effort to betray her and protect the Wayfarers. To keep Leofryn in check, Kalidah corrupted the mind of Leofryn's ward Ceceil.

Kalidah's motives for hunting the Wayfarers were never clear until it was revealed that several of them had played a hand in the death of her son, a half Black Númenórean sorceror named Tar-Achas. Eventually, she succeeded in kidnapping the Wayfarers' commander, Oendir, because he reminded her of her son. She designed to raise Tar-Achas from the dead and store his soul in Oendir's body.

During the ritual, Leofryn revealed her betrayal, and corrupted the soul-switch spell. It backfired, and ended up switching the souls of Leofryn and Kalidah. The Wayfarer Cynewynne, a close friend of Leofryn's, drove her halberd into Kalidah's heart, thus killing Leofryn instead.

Kalidah, now in Leofryn's body, was slain by the other Wayfarers shortly afterward. She died laughing, knowing that even though she had failed to raise her son, she had done irreparable damage to the Wayfarers from which their hearts would never truly recover.

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