Juniper Larching is a young geologist. Botanist. …anthropologist? Well, she isn't exactly sure what she is. But she knows who she is! …actually, that's kind of in flux at the moment too.

Juni's parents moved to the wilds of Evendim when she was very young to study the geology and plant life of the region. They raised Juni in their happy family research camp, funded by the University of Dale, and rarely had much social contact outside of semi-annual visits to the Ranger camp at Tinnudir to send off their research.

Thus, Juni is rather unique. Sheltered, but quite knowledgeable of nature, minerals, and landmass formation theories, Juni approaches every aspect of life with near-comical enthusiasm.

Or… she did.

After an extended sabbatical in Bree Town (where she developed an affinity for the study of people), Juniper returned to her parents' winter camp in Evendim. But calamity greeted her return. Juni's parents had been killed. Evidence pointed to one of the nearby Gauredain tribes, but the party which escorted her had to leave before answers to the tragedy could be found.

Now, bereft of an anchor, Juniper has returned to Bree Town, and can often be found wandering the various ruins sites of the Bree Fields, disconnectedly gathering samples. For what purpose, she does not know.

Juni also lurks in the Prancing Pony occasionally, either taking notes on observable interactions between peoples or drowning her sorrows in a pint of Barliman's Best. (And frankly, it usually only takes one pint.)

Birthday: August 4
Current age: 26

(Juni's personality takes immense inspiration from Ellie Kemper's portrayal of Kimmie Schmidt in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And she has the same smile. :)

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