The Jay's Ladies

A charitable organization, composed mostly of middle-aged, middle-class women in Dol Amroth, that formed around the mysterious public figure known simply as The Bluejay. The Jay's ladies made sport of predicting when and where the Bluejay would appear to deliver his lectures, and began to organize social events such as picnics and craft circles in tandem with his appearances.

Although many of the women simply found the handsome, clever Bluejay to be a titillating flirt, most of them were also impressed by his politics, and played a significant hand in spreading the word about his calls for equity among the social classes. One of their favourite games was to bring the Bluejay a feather, because when presented with one, he would always answer a single question (as long as it did not pertain to his true identity).

After the Bluejay's death, the Jay's Ladies spent several months in mourning, and held a vigil in his honour. But instead of dissolving, they continued organizing and recruiting. They have now become one of Dol Amroth's better-known charitable organizations, and they carry out every public service in the Bluejay's name and memory.

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