Born a bastard to a captured Trév Duvárdain hillwoman, Jabin has spent his entire life as a slave of Angmar. Smart enough to avoid the fates that often awaited most slaves in the ruined realm, Jabin worked well for his masters, and was given to the former Lord Alagos, serving as his steward. He later served the slain lord's student Mornenion for the man's brief two year return.

Drifting from one place to another to appear when he wishes or is needed, some say he is as silent as an Elf and cold as a wight. Jabin would say they have never met either. His expressions usually void of any genuine emotion, he cares nothing for his heritage and his loyalty has never been questioned.

Mornenion's body slain, soul taken, and wife spirited away, Jabin quietly tends to his former master's tower till the council sees fit to find other uses for him.

Age: 37

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