The Ivory Tower School for Girls

Located on the coasts of Dol Amroth, the Ivory Tower School for Girls is a long established school that shifted from training the strictly affluent of Dol Amroth to becoming a charity school with the takeover of Lady Gwenithel.

The school teaches traditional female pursuits like embroidery, horseback riding, painting, and other leisurely pursuits, but also doubles as the front of the Mormerili, or the Black Roses, a secret organization of courtesan assassins.

The Tower features comfortable dormitories, study and training areas, its own library, and a securely reinforced dungeon. A large sky bridge spans it and the neighboring tower, which acts as an administrative building.

The school's current Headmistress is Lady Cirieldis, who was appointed by the Prince to take over after Lady Gwenithel died. She maintains the Mormerili Order in secret, though it now serves as another resource for the Prince as opposed to Lady Gwenithel's personal force.

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