Inaris Jade

A young woman of little means. Most who meet her cannot quite put their finger on her heritage. Slender and easy on the eyes, Inaris sports feathery, blond, short hair. Wispy bangs frame her striking blue eyes. She does not prefer skirts or pants over the other, and wears whatever strikes her fancy. She has an easy-going temperament, for the most part, a confident air about her, and does not mind conversing with strangers.

Known only as 'Jade', Inaris avoids speaking of where she is from and what brought her here. The young woman seems to not mind being alone. She works hard, but mostly so she has more time to herself. Currently employed at The Lady's Mantle Inn, she is enjoying the lifestyle she's taken up in Bree.


Four years before she was born, Inaris's mother, Vilaya, a young woman from Rohan, was captured by wainriders while visiting with family who lived near Long Lake. Carried away by the chieftain Talagol, Vilaya found herself in Mistrand near the southern shores of the Sea of Rhûn.

Sold to a high-class brothel known as "The Blue Door", Vilaya was forced into service. Fear and anger shaped the once vibrant young woman into a cold and quiet individual. Though a favorite due to her fair hair and complexion, one week a year she was set aside strictly for Talagol. After the fourth year she became with child, and she gave birth to her daughter who received the name 'Inaris' by Talagol.

Her baby taken to be raised by the brothel's wet nurses, Vilaya's fear turned to bitterness. While she hated the child for the difficulties it brought her, Vilaya reasoned that showing Inaris disdain would protect her in the long run.

Talagol's visits became more frequent, and he doted on his little girl. When Inaris reached the age of six, he returned and signed a contract with the brothel. The wainrider bought Vilaya's freedom and took her away with him, leaving Inaris alone.

Thanks to Talagol, Inaris was branded behind her right ear with the image of a sun to mark her as off limits for most purposes till she reached the age of thirteen. A year later she was branded with the lotus tattoo on her left shoulder to mark her for officers and sorcerers only after being loaned to the Easterling army. To most who have asked her, Jade would laugh and say the brand and tattoo are consequences of a drunken dare (among other reasonable tales).

Inaris did not find freedom till several years later. The army having camped on the far side of the river Anduin, they were attacked by a dispatch of Rohirrim. The battle lasted more than a day, and Inaris slew her Keeper in the chaos. Fully embracing her freedom, she earned the good will of her new hosts by revealing the location of another enemy camp, and aided in the attack by sneaking in and dealing with the camp sorcerer as the Easterling soldiers were killed in their sleep.

Age: 21

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