An infamous thief of Evendim, and perpetual thorn in the side of the Rangers. Raised in Ost Forod, she took up with brigands at a young age, plundering the tombs and ruins around the lake. Eventually, she robbed the band she had worked with, and began working on her own. Her targets escalated, moving on from ruined trinkets to jewels and artifacts that seemed to hold relevance and value with the Rangers. Even though she had no interest in most things she took, she simply enjoyed the challenge of outwitting the Rangers. There were several close calls, but she managed to slip out of their grasp each time.

She later traveled south, claiming she had grown bored of Evendim and wanted to find more riches than the Rangers were able to provide. In Annunlos, she happened upon a camp, which she decided to search for anything of worth. Mistakenly believing she had led the owner of the camp away, she was caught by him. The man was the orc-blooded Han-Shara, warlord of the Weather Hills. In an attempt to gain his favor, as well as keep her life, she seduced him, allowing her more time to plan her getaway. She found her curiosity piqued, however, and decided to remain with him as his lover. She was brought into his circle of followers, valued for her wit as opposed to any of her other skills. Although Han-Shara has never appointed her as such, she acts as his second, answering only to him.

She is suspected to be of Lossoth decent, and wears feathers dyed in blue in her hair as if to mock this. This attributed to her nickname, 'Bluehawk', which she is known as by many brigands in the north.

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