Ídhror, son of Irenben is a young man of Minas Tirith. Orphaned as a child, he was brought to Minas Tirith and raised in something of a communal effort by servants and the poor in the lowest alleys of the city, along with Miridion. Enchanted with the tales of the Swan-Knights as a child, he pursued training as a soldier as soon as he was old enough. Although he excelled at this, he was rarely given merit for any achievements due to his Rohirric heritage. The first command he was given was a task considered too dangerous for any soldiers that weren't expendable. Although he was successful, there were too many casualties among his men, and the assignment remained as a stain on him, keeping him from any hope of advancement, let alone the opportunity to become a knight.

After the incident, his closest friend, Miridion, deserted from his duties, and though he was asked to join, Ídhror declined, arguing he could still do more good as a soldier than on his own. The two parted ways, and Ídhror continued to serve dutifully. Several years later, he was officially sent north to investigate Miridion. During his time in doing so, he was struck a near fatal blow, and was unable to return to Gondor on schedule. He was released from his duty after this, deemed unfit to properly serve Gondor after the injury. He reluctantly took work at Hrafen's vineyard, uncertain of his future there.

During the threat of The Devourer, Ídhror traveled alone into the depths of Moria to claim a sword once used by his ancestors, Dragon Fang. The fungal infection rooted deeply into his lungs and throat, and he often shows the wear of it through wheezing, coughing, and frequent nosebleeds.

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