(Previously HĂșnir, but name has been LOTRO-lized due to naming limitations/availability.)

A young man, once of Khand. He remembers little of his former life before coming to Dol Amroth, supposedly to look for a sister who had been taken as a foreign bride for a wealthy man. It's unclear if he ever found her there, but before long, he became a pawn of a small criminal organization known as the House of Obsidian. He was consistently drugged with copious amounts of opium, and his combat skills were put to use as an assassin for the group. While the House of Obsidian took the money for the assassination, Hunyr was only "paid" with more opium, furthering his addiction. He grew a small reputation for himself in the underground circles of Dol Amroth, becoming known as the Mad Dog - A play on the name he was given. The dog association eventually went as far as being tattooed around his neck with a collar-motif.

Hunyr grew to despise his captors, though felt he had nowhere else to go without a steady supply of opium to sustain him. Though some people found him and offered to help, one of which being Lalaithien, Hunyr was too disillusioned and ill to believe he could break free. He nearly managed to break away from the organization when Arameril found him, and brought him to the Colagar Estate for the Wayfarers' Guild to protect him and Cwendlwyn to help him recover. Mistrust led him to leave again, and he was recovered once again by the House of Obsidian. He would encounter the Wayfarers once again as they came to foil an assassination. He was struck by a well-aimed arrow of Eruviel's, and took on an injury that left him with dangerous amount of blood loss. This left him unable to protest them taking him away from the House of Obsidian.

When it came time for the Wayfarers to leave Dol Amroth, Cwendlwyn, who was still tending to his injuries, elected to take him with them, away from the city and those who would use him. He currently stays in Ravenhold, and though his wound is closed, it will take him some time longer to recover from his addiction.

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