House Eluiel of Minas Tirith

A relatively wealthy house of middle rank in Minas Tirith, House Eluiel was founded in Umbar following the landing of Ar-Pharazon in his campaign against Sauron.

Because of a loss of records during the Kin-Strife the family's history can only be accurately traced from their entry into Minas Tirith from Osgiliath after the city was rendered uninhabitable. When a Lady Serethiel (either the daughter of the family or wife of a dead son) entered the city with her two sons.

The House is mostly known for producing engineers and clerks for the city of Minas Tirith and though not significantly wealthy has been a constant presence since their founding.

The House is currently ruled by Lord Norinen, following the death of his brother Bregdur during the Siege of Minas Tirith.

Since the flight from Umbar the family's coat of arms has been two white sea birds with bowed heads and folded wings facing a single white tower above a four point silver star in blue. At their founding the traditional coat of arms saw these birds in flight with spread wings.

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