House Gannelor

A now dead house, once of Minas Tirith, and a distant cousin house of House Colagar. The House's ill fate was sudden and uncertain in the eyes of the public, though the tragedy was likely worse than imagined.

The last Lord of the house was Corudor, who lost his wife in childbirth of their daughter, Yreth. Though Yreth and her two brothers grew up hale and healthy, Corudor was ailing over the death of his wife. His frail mind was shattered when a mysterious artifact came into his possession. The artifact proved to be an evil and powerful one, and it drove him to slay Yreth, only to use it to resurrect her as his puppet. With her under his control, he killed his other two sons, believing their deaths with the artifact would lead him to immortality.

Initially, Corudor was confused as to why nothing happened when all of his children were dead. He then recalled his bastard son, and took Yreth north to track him down.

Corudor ran afoul of the Wayfarers after Yreth explained everything that transpired and was killed by them.

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