House Colagar

Historically the richest noble house in Dol Amroth, second only to the Line of Princes in wealth. Their money was accumulated in Dol Amroth's infancy through the trade of ivory and alabaster, both essential materials for the building of the city.

The Colagar estate sits just outside the walls of Dol Amroth proper, and is surrounded by orchards of lime, plum, and olive trees. It is famous for its verdant courtyards. The house employs a single serving family that has served the Colagar family for generations. The current members are Celunes, the washmaid and seamstress; her son Maludir, Carmanadh's manservant; her brother Hanor, the groundskeeper; his wife Firel, the cook and housekeeper; their son Caullir, the footman; and their daughter Aevel, the maid.

The current head of the house is Sir Carmanadh, a Knight-captain for the Swan-knights.

Notable Members

Mredothyn (By marriage)

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