House Calenglor

A defunct noble house of Dol Amroth, notable for its royal blood. Its last members were believed to have died some thirty years ago. The Haven Heritage Society offers regular tours of the old Calenglor estate, which is a popular destination due to the many rumours of its hauntedness.

The younger brother of the house's founder, Calenglor, was Castellan Wisdan, one of the first Watchers of the Children of Gailion.

House Aearanel was somehow involved with House Calenglor's end. After the death of the house's last members, Adrahil II, then the Prince of Dol Amroth, forced House Aearanel to forfeit its naval might and focus exclusively on the spice trade.

The last living members of the house were Narufon and his sister Idhrenel. Idhrenel wed Dinembor of House Colagar, and the two of them had one son, Naruheron. All of them were believed to have been killed when Naruheron was just an infant. Recently, however, it was revealed that Naruheron survived, and is none other than the scholar Nallo the Younger. Although Nallo was able to prove his lineage with artifacts from the old estate, he chose instead to return to Bree rather than revive House Calenglor.

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