House Aearanel

The most prosperous merchant house in Dol Amroth, and arguably second in power only to the royal house. They built their wealth on the spice trade, but had at least some stock in most other major trade businesses in Dol Amroth. The majority of other merchant organizations payed a tax to House Aearanel. The house was led by Lord Aearon, a clever and ambitious businessman. However, his sister, Lady Gwenithel, was often the real power behind the house.

House Aearanel used to be the dominant naval force in the Bay of Belfalas before the royal house forced them to step down after a scandal some thirty years ago. The scandal that led to the demilitarization of the house was the death of Dinembor of House Colagar, his wife Idhrenel of House Calenglor, and their infant son Naruheron. As no direct link was ever found, only suspected, Prince Adrahil II simply ordered House Aearanel to stand down and forfeit its navy. After this, the house focused exclusively on their growing spice trade.

House Aearanel had a reputation around Dol Amroth for being unsociably power-hungry. However, few voice this openly in public settings.

The Aearanel family was unusual amongst Gondorians because of their blonde hair. As such, they were historically very selective about intermarriages. However, both children of the house were betrothed to members of House Colagar, which was known for its mixed heritage - Hargamel to Cirieldis, and Faerwen to Carmanadh. As Ciri was presumed drowned at sea when she fled Dol Amroth, and Lady Faerwen died of consumption, neither marriage actually occurred.

Lady Gwenithel, along with her brother, were found to be plotting the assassination of Prince Imrahil. Following their capture and subsequent executions, as well as the death of the house's heir, Hargamel, efforts were made to find Aearon's other and illegitimate son. Although he chose to remain anonymous, the new heir's wishes for the house's future were honoured, and House Aearanel was dissolved.

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