Home to the Meadows

(As written by Aradir, son of Candaith.)

The first campaign of The Wayfarers' Guild following the Where Fire Follows arc.

Wherein the Wayfarers journeyed south through the unforgiving terrain of Dunland to return Leofryn's ashes to her homeland of Rohan. They encountered their former ally Rennec, now working as an emissary to Saruman, and Morwing, a dangerous assassin from an order known as the [mormerili Black Roses]. The Wayfarers won and bargained their way south through Dunland with the help of the Dunlending man Gwin and the huntress Silevren, the most beautiful and valiant woman to ever a woman of the DĂșnedain, who was hunting The Dagorant.

In the Gravenwood, the Wayfarers encountered the Once-watcher Castellan Wisdan, and through their combined efforts slew him, ending his eternity of torment.

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