Henry Reed

A middle-aged man living in the village of Durrow. He is a kind, slightly mischievous glassblower who loves to tell stories about magic and faeries, especially to Honey Whitethorn, a young girl and another resident of Durrow, who likes to sneak away from her work to listen to him talk.

Henry considers each bottle he makes to be something special, and will talk to the molten glass as he forms them. He keeps a small shed in which are placed all the bottles that never quite set right, but that he can't bear to get rid of. Occasionally he will leave the shed door open a crack, so that when the light from the shed's small window causes the bottles to glitter, and those walking by may catch a glimpse of some shimmering "fairy world" within.

He and his daughter Matilda are the only surviving members of their family, the rest of whom perished either by fire or from Blackwold aggression in the Archet Siege.

Date of Birth: December 4
Current Age: 53

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