The Haywood Family

A Breeish family consisting of mostly farmers that works the fertile land south of Bree-town. Don Haywood wed Meg Primrose, from an old family said to have Cardolani blood. Both Meg and her sister Priscilla worked as barmaids at the Rusty Raven inn.

Some years ago, Priscilla had a brief affair with Morducai Mossfoot. The affair resulted in a daughter, Esthyr, whom Priscilla kept hidden from Morty until her death. Because both the Primroses and the Mossfoots were old Breeish families with Cardolani blood, Esthyr was born with a rare illness called Sun Sickness.

As the Haywoods were a newer family of pure Breeish blood, none of Esthyr's Haywood cousins were born with the illness.

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