Hawthorn Family

The Hawthorns are one of Bree-land's oldest families, stretching back to the days of the now-forgotten city of Hillshire. The Hawthorn line has kept a reputation for sensible folk and a considerable work ethic for hundreds of years, and this renown continues in present-day Bree.

Nathanil Hawthorn is the current head of house, and resides in a town-house in Bree with his wife Nora, mother Sabele and father Barthalamew, his sister Agnes, and his many children.

Nathanil is a well-known physician and runs a clinic in Bree; Elnora is a respected midwife. The rest of the family, also steeped in medicinal practices, look after a shop specializing in healing herbs and tonics on the ground floor of their house.

Though raised in a family so dedicated to medicine, Nathanil and Nora have given their children a formal education and intend to find them respectable apprenticeships where they may; only Weylon, their eldest son, is planned to take over the business from Nathanil.

The current Hawthorns residing in Bree are as follows:

  • Barthalamew, Nathanil's father, husband to Sabele
  • Sabele, mother to Nathanil, wife of Barthalamew
  • Nathanil, head of household, husband of Nora and father of a heckuva lot of kids
  • Elnora, wife of Nathanil, mother of a heckuva lot of kids
  • Agnes, younger sister of Nathanil
  • Weylon, eldest son of Nathanil and Elnora
  • Atilda, eldest daughter of Nathanil and Elnora
  • Oleander, middle son of Nathanil and Elnora
  • Lunet, middle daughter of Nathanil and Elnora
  • Rush, youngest son of Nathanil and Elnora
  • Tulsie, youngest daughter of Nathanil and Elnora
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