Hathlafel Demechil

A Knight-investigator for the Swan-knight Order or Dol Amroth. He is the youngest child and only son of an obscure noble house that fell out of fortune when Hathlafel's father, Hathlafain, gambled away most of the family's wealth.

Hathlafel was raised straddling the line between noble and peasant, which gave him a nihilistic sense of humor and a tendency to be drawn toward moral grey areas. For a long time, he was the lap dog of the diabolical Lady Gwenithel, but was pardoned for his part in her schemes upon the Lady's execution.

For many years he was considered Dol Amroth's "Most Eligible Bachelor," a title he was more than happy to lose when he proposed to Lady Alduial of House Eluiel, whom he met when stationed in Minas Tirith during the Siege.

Hathlafel lives in the family estate with his aging mother, his sister Calithil, and his adopted daughter [arameril Arameril], whom he calls his sun and moon. Like all Swan-knights, he has a dapple grey warhorse named Sweetheart Step Lightly, upon whom he dotes to a ridiculous degree. He is, it is said, immensely fond of the ocean, and of mermaids.

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