Harold Farindon

A cheeky, irreverent, and rather unkempt former soldier and ex-professor from Gondor. He taught history and language courses at RoyEl University, but was dismissed due to scandal.

As a soldier serving in the army of Minas Tirith, he encountered a drake while on duty in Osgiliath. The drake attacked him, and his life was saved by a copper-haired Elven warrior named Rothrandir. Though he survived, Harry walked with a limp from then on.

After his dismissal from RoyEl, Harry wandered, and eventually settled in Bree-land. Without a home or the coin to buy one, he took up residence in the cluttered ruins by the entrance to Beggar's Alley. It was there that he met and rescued a wry, raunchy woman named Dryfa from her former life as a prostitute. They became fast friends and, ultimately, lovers, despite her being only half his age.

After Harry had a heart attack and was forced to stay bedridden for weeks after, he realized he was not satisfied watching life pass by him anymore. He and Dryfa pooled what coin they had to buy a hobbit-made waggon, and they left Bree to travel The Shire together. By all accounts they are still there, enjoying life in the slow, simple way that the little-folk live it.

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