A sailor of Dol Amroth. He was the nephew of Lady Gwenithel of House Aearanel, and the heir to the house. When he was twelve, Gwenithel arranged his betrothal to Cirieldis of House Colagar, who was then just a babe.

When Gwenithel murdured Ciri's mother, Demrestil, Hargamel helped Ciri and her father, Orendir flee Dol Amroth. He and Ciri's brother, Carmanadh, were the only ones in Dol Amroth who knew that Ciri still lived.

He was the lover of the young corsair woman, Thesa, and the captain of House Aearanel's flagship, The Kraken's Lady. He worked with Callumn on the Breezy Maid during the corsair attack on Dol Amroth, bringing a group of the Wayfarers and their allies to the docks to infiltrate the Ivory Tower. He died at the helm of the ship during their subsequent escape, shot by the corsair blunderbusses.

The spring after his death, Carmanadh named his firstborn son with his wife, Mredothyn, after Hargamel as a gesture of respect for all he had done for Cirieldis and House Colagar.

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