Ham Appledore

Name: Ham Appledore
Race and Heritage: Man, Bree-town
Age and DoB: 27, June 8th
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Hair: Spice brown. It's not quite long enough to tie back, but he keeps it well-combed.
Eyes: Rich brown
Physique and Features: He has a well-built and attractive figure due to his extensive martial practice. His skin is brown form long hours in the sun, and covered with cinnamon freckles.

Family: He is the son of Lily Appledore, the warden of the Bree-town jail.
Friends/Enemies: Since moving to Durrow, he's taken to spending a lot of time with Dane Leigh and Birch Finch. He's on good terms with the other junior Waysharers, but doesn't seem to be the sort to keep close friends.
Pets: A fat orange tabby named Priscilla, whom he reluctantly left behind at home when he moved to Ravenhold. He allegedly spoils her rotten.

Guild Role: Melee. He has unusual skill with weapons, due to his family situation. He's skilled with just about every weapon you can name, but prefers to dual-wield shortswords.
Skills: Combat—melee (3), diplomacy (2), history (1), hunting (1)
Aspirations: He considers himself his own greatest adversary. His first goal is to go to sleep as a better man than he was when he woke up.

Other Facts

  • His pinpoint focus on training and self-improvement has led him to live a rather isolated life. He doesn't have a lot of good friends, nor does he seem to want them.
  • From a young age, people started calling him "ham and apples" as a nickname. It stared off as an insult, but when it failed to get under his skin, people started using it as an endearment. He answers to it as readily as to his real name.
  • By Breeish standards, he's prime dreamboat material, but doesn't know it. He's spurned the advances of over a dozen girls without even realizing he was doing it.
  • He's not an inspiring conversationalist, unless you catch him in a rare, philosophical mood. At that point, he'll ramble on for hours if he isn't stopped.
  • His mother is mostly responsible for his relentless discipline. She runs the jail with an iron fist, and is intolerant of sloth. Looking at her, it's not hard to see how Ham turned out to be so diligent.
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