The Hall of the Gentle Hand

Second only to the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith, the School of Healing in Imloth Melui has been kept alive for many generations. The Hall works to educate any who come to learn, and holds a proud tradition of its students going on to do great works across Gondor.

The order of healers living and taught within its walls are listed below:

Uilessil (Everwhite One)

– Nearly always wears white.
– One appointed, oversees Hall of the Gentle Hand.

Fainien (Daughter of the White One)

– Wear burgundy tunics.
– One appointed First Fainien, ten others to sit as council. The two men on the council were killed in the the recent battles in Pelargir.
– Serve as teachers to the others.
– Youngest woman appointed Fainien was thirty-one.
– Cannot be promoted without ten years in service in healing, and must be tested.

Thinnith (Grey Sister)

– Wear grey sashes.
– Currently twelve women and one man attending Thinniths due to war.
– Can be promoted to Thinnith after five years of service in healing. Must be tested.
– Begin as apprentices to the Fainiens.
– It is no dishonour to never be promoted above Thinnith.
– Many are sent to other towns and cities in service of Lords, the military, or schools.
– When leaving for service apart, they are promoted to the rank of Thinniel (Grey Daughter).

Borneth (Fiery Red Girl)

– Wear red sashes.
– Novices
– Currently twenty-six girls and two boys attending the Hall
– Most are refugees or ladies of minor houses from Minas Tirith or Pelargir sent to be safe and kept busy.
– Students only.
– First day of every week they must follow Alcarin in silence as she draws water from the falls.
– Every year, for every Fainien, each Borneth is to serve as their Page for one week, as well as for two Thinnith’s who’s names are drawn at random.

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