A traditional Lossoth token given during a marriage proposal. It is made from several deep blue feathers that come from a rare bird native to Forochel. The feathers are lashed together by dyed leather strings, and decorated with small ornaments, such as metal moldings, or wood and bone beads. The ornamentation is usually customized to reflect the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

Traditionally, the individual proposing goes to seek and hunt their own bird, and harvests the feathers on their own. Their family then helps them assemble the Häät-lahja from available materials. Some Lossoth hold onto keepsakes with the intention of adding them to a Häät-lahja years before they even intend to wed.

The Häät-lahja is usually given during a special, private ceremony that is as lavish or a simple as the proposing individual desires. If the Häät-lahja is accepted, the couple is considered officially betrothed. Many recipients later make a Häät-lahja of their own to give to the one who offered it to them.

Most married Lossoth will proudly display their Häät-lahja in some prominent fashion, usually pinned to their clothing or lashed to their tools and weapons.

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