A cruel and ambitious woman of Gondor with an insatiable appetite for control. She was the true power behind the dominant House Aearanel in Dol Amroth, even though her brother was the official heir.

She commanded a secret order of female assassins called the Mormerili, or Black Roses, whom she controlled with the use of an ancient, magical ink called Aearthu. Through the Mormerili, Gwenithel enjoyed unopposed control over the darker and more secret dealings of the royal court.

She was responsible for the murder of Demrestil, wife of Orendir and mother of Cirieldis and Carmanadh. Ciri, who was her star pupil amongst the Mormerili, fled Dol Amroth to escape her after Demrestil's murder.

The Wayfarers eventually discovered and exposed her plot to murder Prince Imrahil. Both she and her brother were put to death as punishment for their numerous crimes.

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