Guardians are an ancient concept among many desert-dwelling Haradrim. To protect the tombs of their dead, a single bloodline within a clan was selected to act as wardens, repelling thieves that attempted to take the treasures buried with the deceased. They received special martial training to aid them, taught by their fathers and passed along their line alone.

The other function of a guardian was to keep history from fading into obscurity. Guardians were required to learn the history of the clan, as well as serve as record keepers by nothing more than oral tradition. Because of their vast knowledge of history, many were viewed by their clan as wise advisers, and were consulted before any major decisions were made.

Although Guardians were honored by their people, they made great sacrifices in being what they were. Men and women of the bloodline were separated, with the men required to stay inside of the dwelling where the dead were kept, and live among the tombs. They were only allowed out for special events or if one was summoned. The women lived fairly ordinary lives with their clan, outside of the tombs. When a man of the line was wed, his bride was permitted to stay inside the tombs only long enough for the woman to conceive a child, then she would return to the village. When another child was desired, she would be permitted to return to her husband until another child was conceived again. Most guardians took several wives.

Guardians are thought to be a primitive concept now, and no more are thought to exist from a scholar's perspective. The Wayfarers have met one that has become their ally, however.

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