Lady Golchalad is wife to Lord Eredguil, the current head of House Nomin. She is a lady of refinement and grace, but a steel will and a fiery spirit lurk beneath her soothing, mothering demeanor.

She must be strong-willed, to have raised four boys to adulthood, and to have watched each of them (Findegil, Hanind, Sirifast, and Pengail) become Swan Knights.

Recently, her greatest fear as a mother was realized: she lost her youngest, Pengail, in service to the crown in the Battle of the Pelennor. Her eldest son Findegil lost his right hand in the same battle. Hanind seems to have escaped unscathed, but even Sirifast, though unmarked outwardly, has not been himself since the great battles that ended the War.

Gochalad busies herself during the day, keeping up her role in the multiple charities she contributes to with a strong smile. But at night, she weeps for her babies.

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