Gisala of Dale

A standoffish and brusque young woman of Dalish heritage. She was born in a whorehouse on the shores of the Long Lake, and never knew her father. Seeing the way women were treated, and growing up in such an environment, solidified her belief early on that she wanted nothing to do with men.

Her mother sold her her to a tyrannical and abusive mane named Relgin, but when Relgin came to collect, she cut Gisala's hair, dressed her as a boy, and told her to run as far away as she could. Gisala took the name Gislaf, and lived in hiding as a young man for years.

Eventually her travels brought her to Bree-town, where she met Ciri, another young woman escaping an unwanted arrangement. They became quite close, and when Relgin eventually caught up to Gisala in Bree-land, Ciri helped but buy her freedom by pretending to be Gisala in her place.

While still disguised as Gislaf, Gisala took up with The Wayfarers' Guild as a soldier. During their work in the Lone-lands she met and befriended a gentle Earth-kin seer named Malmi, who taught her the ancient art of Stone-speaking and eventually became her spiritual teacher.

She grew close to, and eventually fell for, her commanding officer and Ciri's cousin, Oendir, though was unable to tell him due to her disguise. When Ciri was kidnapped by Relgin, Oendir helped Gisala to rescue her (and in the process learned her true identity). Oendir was the one who ultimately took Relgin's life.

Deeply betrayed by Gisala's deceit, Oendir pulled away from her, and the two of them danced around an adversarial romance for quite some time before finally admitting their feelings in earnest. They kept their affair a secret from the other Wayfarers for quite some time. When their work took them east to Mirkwood, Oendir and Gisala eloped on the banks of the Anduin, in Lothlórien. Gisala became foster mother to Oendir's young son, Solstan, and they conceived their own child soon after.

Gisala now lives with Oendir in Durrow, though she keeps a cabin of her own down the hill. They share Oendir's house with Solstan, their daughter Elindis, a temperamental hawk named Devon, and a lot of horses.

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