A fell spear carved of a strange, mottled green substance sharper than steel. It was first recorded as a gift given by the last King of Gondor to his friend Dolmanadh, founder of the Minas Tirith noble house of the same name. From there, it passed down through the line of Dolmanadh's heirs.

Due to its chilling appearance and unusual material, it has long been believed that the spear was part of a curse laid upon the House of Dolmanadh. It is also rumoured that the spear is sentient, and can occasionally speak. Laerandir, a descendant of Domanadh and the father of Landuin and Oendir, used the spear to kill the mate and pups of a giant red warg named Akhbur, who swore to end the blood of Laerendir in vengeance.

When Laerendir passed, he willed the spear to his disowned son Oendir as his only inheritance, knowing how much the spear had terrified Oendir as a boy. Oendir became bound to Gimlad, and now must carry it with him wherever he goes. Anyone else who tries to touch the spear receives a bad shock. The carrying of the spear seem to pain Oendir physically, but despite several attempts, he has never managed to be rid of it.

When Oendir is in danger, Gimlad seem to react in defense, and glows a sickly yellow. When the spear is glowing, it will never miss its mark.

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