Gaervadhor Bloodwing

A large, ancient drake with scales the colour of blood-brushed copper. He is responsible for the mangling of Harold Farindon, and has a long-running enmity with the Elf Rothrandir.

Late in the Third Age, Garvadhor was captured an tortured by the servants of Dol Guldur, in Mirkwood. Born wild, he held no allegiance to Angmar or Mordor, and so swore himself an enemy of Dol Guldur. He escaped his imprisonment there, but was badly wounded.

While recovering from his injuries in the woods, he first met the Wayfarers. They treated his wounds and gave him food and water, and told him that they, to, were enemies of the fortress. Garvadhor agreed to aid them in their attempt to rescue their captured friend, Beacher Bailey.

Later, when the Wayfarers gathered on the banks of Nen Hithoel to learn more of their remarkable ancestors, the wind spirit Fionwe summoned Gaervadhor to carry them atop his back to the Seat of Seeing, so that they could look over the valley below.

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