Gaelyn Fletcher


Name: Gaelyn Shaw Fletcher
Alias: N/A
Race: Man
Age: 26
DoB: August 16th
Gender: Male
Heritage: Bree-land
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 187 lb
Hair: Gaelyn’s hair is dark brown and naturally wavy (or more accurately, messy). When he grows it out, it begins to curl under its own weight, though he typically keeps it just below the ears. He has no facial hair to speak of, much to his chagrin.
Eyes: Dark green. If the light catches them right, you’ll spot a brownish/goldish ring surrounding the pupil. Some people think it’s cute. Others suspect lead poisoning.
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Gaelyn often sports cuts and scrapes. He’s a notorious fighter – for sport, not violence – and his body bears the proof of his hobby. Although he’s quite tall for a Bree-man, he also has large feet for his size. You know what they say about big feet. Big shoes.
Physique: Fletcher has some bulk on him now – hardly enough to be called stout, but his recent experiences with the Arrows, Twelfth Company, and Wayfarers have left their mark on the Bree-man, toning him up a bit.


Mother (Deceased) – Kelly (Mason) Fletcher -
- Grandfather (Deceased) – Jon Mason -
- Grandmother (Deceased) – Angelina (Johnson) Mason -

Father (Deceased) – Atrian Fletcher
- Grandfather (Deceased) – Matt Fletcher -
- Grandmother (Deceased) – Meryl (Springer) Fletcher -

Sister (28) – Kristine (Fletcher) Darby -
- Husband - Lance Darby - (Merchant)
- Niece (1) Brandon Darby -
- Nephew (3) Andrew Darby -
- Niece (7) Heather Darby -

Sister (29) – Brooke (Fletcher) Ashwood -
- Husband – Conner Ashwood - (Farmer/Woodsman/Horse Breeder)
- Niece (2) Melody Ashwood
- Nephew (7) Chip Ashwood -
- Niece (9) Tammy Ashwood -

Sister (33) – Mari (Fletcher) Wheatman -
- Husband - Brock Wheatman - (Carpenter)
- Nephew (1) - Tucker Wheatman
- Niece (4) - Mindy Wheatman
- Nephew (13) Jon Wheatman - (A force of nature to be reckoned with, con twin)
- Nephew (13) Matt Wheatman - (A force of nature to be reckoned with, con twin)
- Niece (14) Leslie Wheatman - (Wants to be a fancy lady when she grows up)
- Nephew (15) Chase Wheatman - (Bookish, introverted, carries around a pocket notebook)

Sister (38) – Katie (Fletcher) Oakley -
- Husband – Marc Oakley - (Tailor)
- Niece (13) Lynn Oakley - (The Tomboy)
- Nephew (15) Wilferd Oakley - (Doesn't want to be a blacksmith)
- Niece (18) Susan Oakley - (Desperately love with any man from a distance)
- Nephew (19) Colton Oakley – (Gaelyn's younger self)
- Niece (20) Marnie Oakley

Aunt (Father’s Side) – Margaret (Fletcher) Bundlecorn
Uncle – Bill Bundlecorn
- Cousin - Bartle Bundlecorn –
- Cousin – Burman Bundlecorn -

Gaelyn grew up in the footsteps of his father. His mother died in labor with him, and his father was forced to raise him as best as he knew how – poorly, but lovingly. He’s his father’s son in almost every way, if anyone remembers old Atrian. Gaelyn frequently looked after his sisters’ children, and he’s quite close with his younger nieces and nephews.

Spouse (or other romantic interest):
Formerly - Halvel Fletcher (Divorced)
Formerly - Nidhil Fletcher (Deceased)

Atrian Fletcher (1)

Many! His closest bros are Beacher Bailey, Eirikr Tennorbekk, Hallem Kemp, and Moramarth.

Adversaries: [Needs to be filled out]
Companions: Gaelyn acquired what he believed to be a giant schnauzer puppy some time ago, which Nidhil named Fury. Although his cousin, the pup's breeder, guaranteed the dog would be half as tall as Gaelyn by the winter, Fury is as short as he is destructive. Fury fulfills his role as guardian of the home by yipping at crows and attacking the many scary dresses and socks that lurk in the Fletchers' wardrobes.

Reputation: [Needs to be filled out]


Guild Position: Senior Broker and Financier
Hobbies: Boxing for sport, drinking beers, discussing his strong opinions on said beers, and exercising his tongue in some wordplay (and other activities)
Special Talents: Flirting, which has now transitioned to wingmaning for his willing (or more often, unwilling) friends. He's developed an interest in investing, and has proven to have a gift for it.
Favored Weapons: His fists, in non-lethal situations. Swords and knives if it’s fo’real.
Combat or Vocational Training: Gaelyn has received formal training in the various organizations he's served under, though his skill with fisticuffs is purely based on his experiences growing up in Bree.
Favored Attire: Gaelyn is a fashionisto, though he may try and deny it if there's a heavy bro-ratio in the room. His work as a businessman, politician, and diplomat have required him to upgrade his formerly simple clothes. He's taken to wearing well-tailored, semi-formal sets of clothes in a wide variety of colors. Although his attire is certainly more ornamented than before, it lacks the frills that men in the east might wear in high society. It's true Bree-land business semi-formal.
Inventory/Keepsakes: A not-so-meager amount of coins, a glass marble, small pieces of baked goods, and a small sewing kit.


General: Gaelyn is the Wayfarers' unflappable diplomat and tradesman. He continues to travel with the Guild, helping to negotiate arrangements that benefit the work they do, or secure new opportunities for them to pursue. While he won't strike most as a particularly learned or pedantic man (as he is neither), he has a knack for saying what needs to be said.
Personal Strengths: Loyalty, and his capacity to trust those to whom he's loyal. He has a head for numbers, and tends to know what needs to be said at the bartering table.
Weaknesses and Flaws: He's seen a lot since he started travelling seven years ago, and it's hard for him to be moved emotionally. His coolness can come across as uncaring, though that's often not the case. He's bad at history, geography, and other languages - though he does like to tell people how much he likes his "melons".
Personality Quirks: He’ll challenge anyone who looks formidable to some fisticuffs in almost any setting or situation.
Aspirations/Motivation: Gaelyn is easy to please. He makes a more-than-comfortable living doing work he enjoys, and has no grand plans to acquire more than he already has. He wants to make sure his son (and any future children) grow up happy, and that the Guild is secure for many years to come.


Look-Alikes: Dustin Milligan. See below.


Voice: [Needs to be filled out]
Speech: [Needs to be filled out]
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Character Inspirations: [Needs to be filled out]
Other Comments: [Needs to be filled out]


After working odd jobs with his father for the first eighteen years of his life, Gaelyn accepted his first steady job with the Red Arrows. He was hired on as a courier, though his services as a snoop were occasionally called upon, leading the young Bree-man into more danger than he'd originally bargained for. Though his service with the Arrows would end after a summer's time, the skills he'd gained prepped him for his role as a soldier in the Twelfth Company. No longer a helpless or unintentional adventurer, Gaelyn now has some wits about him on the road, though he's still very much a young man growing into the role he finds himself in. Throughout his travels, he remains much the same as he always was - a harmless smart-aleck who either offends or wins the hearts of those around him.

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