The Four Lords

Answering a call for aid to Durrow, a small group traveled into Moria to meet with the Wayfarers' old ally, Glimir. She told them of the problems the Iron Garrison faced due to an increase in organization of the orcs, goblins, and wargs beneath the mountains, and theorized there was someone forcing them in line.

As they journeyed deeper into Moria, they came across Sahu, a young woman familiar to Sage and Maludir. She told them of the men who were organizing Moria's forces, and that they were in pursuit of her to secure an alliance between Mordor and her clan. Unwilling to pit themselves against the sorcerers, they attempted to help Sahu escape.

They were found quickly, however, by the men known as The Four Lords. Although warned, none expected to be so quickly overpowered by the sorcerers. They slipped away just barely, though Sage was captured by them. The group was pursued doggedly, and with enough distraction, Maludir managed to rip Sage from their grasp. However, Maludir's hesitation in going back to help the others led to Atanamir's own capture by his former rival, Azulgar. In the confusion, the rest of the group fled the scene.

Maludir and Sage regrouped with the others, and quickly made for the exit. They were cornered once more until an opening was made by Oendir, when he shot down Pharazanû in a dramatic entrance. Unexpectedly, the rest of the sorcerers left them, called to some other, more important task. Sage asked for the release of Pharazanû, after the man had helped him in his own escape. After Pharazanû's retreat, the group came together to discuss how to recover Atanamir.

Fortunately, they did not need to go far to find him, as he had been making his way to regroup with them in Dolven-view. Thoroughly battered, physically and emotionally drained, but altogether, they left Moria, both successful and defeated.

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