The Four Lords

The idea of the Four Lords was sprung to life by one of the strategists of Mordor. The thought was to train four powerful sorcerers together, balancing the techniques in a way that would compliment each other and make up for the flaws the others have. They would be kept in close proximity of each other, becoming not only physically impenetrable, but so they would learn to depend on one another in familiarity.

The first chosen was Zabathôr, a sorcerer of renown in Mordor, who possessed power beyond that of his peers in destructive arts. Second came Khâurahil, a researcher and instructor, talented in defensive arts and wards. Next was Pharazanû, who was unknown to most. His arts are a unique and untaught mystery, as he possessed the power to mend wounds and cure the ill. Finally, they were completed by the young Azulgar, a prodigy of sorcery who came to the attention of the others for his quick thinking and power after surviving an incident that killed five other men, all his superiors.

They trained together with little interruption for a year and a half before they were finally allowed to take an assignment to test themselves. They traveled and carried out each order they were given flawlessly, gathering a reputation that proved to be worthy of all the effort that was placed into their organization.

They had been assigned to gather more allies against the Free People in regions of Harad - A task thought to be beneath them. For several months, they swayed, threatened, and provoked clans against Gondor and their allies smoothly, as was expected of them. Their progress was finally slowed by the reclusive Sheut Clan, a long outspoken opponent of Mordor. Given the influence the clan had on others in the region, turning them to service would likely have inspired even more flocking to the banner of Mordor. The Sheut leader, however, a young, outspoken woman, refused to hear their offers, and turned them away. Unwilling to accept failure, Zabathôr went to her guardian, and tangled him in an arrangement: The man would be given leadership of the clan, with the help of Mordor, while the current leader, Sahu, would be wed to Khâurahil, and taken away, to solidify their alliance. After discovering the arrangement, Sahu fled. To avoid failure, the Four Lords were obligated to follow.

Their chase led them through Gondorian lands and northwards, far into the depths of Moria. They encountered a group there from Durrow, trying to aid Sahu. What would have been another victory for them was abruptly cut short when Khâurahil received a message carried from Dol Guldur. The four abandoned their long pursuit, much to the frustration of some of them, and withdrew to the fortress in Mirkwood. Pharazanû began to struggle with his own motivations, slowly losing faith in Mordor and what it represents, prompted by what he had witnessed in Moria. Though he is watched closely out of concern for this, the attention of the others have been turned to their new assignment: Something truly monumental, and worthy of the elite group…

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