From the Book of Arestel, as recorded by Faluin Tale-teller and Candaith of the Dúnedain —

In the days before reckoning, when Arda was newly formed, Manwë Súlimo was appointed King of those known as Valar. He dwelled upon Mount Taniquetil, the highest mountain in the world, and claimed the skies as his domain. He fashioned many servants in the form of winds and breezes, and they became the first spirits of air.

One of these spirits was a southern breeze called Fionwe, who chose to dwell in the wide plains that would one day be called the Lone-lands. He knew the Weather Hills when they were young, and was acquainted with them well before the coming of the Edain. He witnessed the coming of Elendil and his sons to the east, and watched the building of the fortress upon Amon Sûl, and saw the Palantír brought there. Through all the comings and goings of Man and Eldar, Fionwe persisted, giving breath to the land he loved.

Only once did he venture far to the east, away from the Weather Hills, in the time that was known to Men and Elves as the Third Age. By some struck chord of fate, or luck, or perhaps the workings of the Valar themselves, Fionwe blew through the bedchamber of a minstrel known as The Bard at precisely the moment that the man took his very last breath. The Bard's fëa collided with Fionwe, and in a blind and chaotic tumble that startled them both beyond measure, they became entangled.

In this way, the spirit Fionwe acquired both a Will and a Voice. Never again was he content to simply witness the world, but desired to become a part of it and help to shape its fate. When the next Watcher drew his last breath, Fionwe and The Bard called to his fëa, as well. And so it was that each Watcher who passed from then on came to join Fionwe in death. Thus did the spirit become Fionwe the wind-lord, and many were his voices.

With each soul that joins him, his desire to protect the Children of Gailion grows. Though he is not as powerful as the Maiar, and though he has no dominion over anything but the air and skies, he is a powerful ally. His many voices have much to teach the Children, should they be willing to listen.

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