A sweet-tempered young woman of nineteen. Born in Dol Amroth, Feira has lived there her whole life. After a painful chain of events her mother perished in childbirth when Feira was very young. The girl served for a lesser House in her mother's stead until, at the insistence of her brother, her father and aunt sent for her. She became employed at House Colagar at the age of thirteen and has remained there since.

She can work and daydream at the same time, forgetting where she is. She also often sneaks a book into a back corner of the garden on nice days and acts out what she reads. Since the departure of of her lord Carmanadh's friends, The Wayfarers, she has taken up the study of sword fighting with the aid of a dusty old volume in the library and a long wooden dowel procured from one of the groundskeepers.

She is best friends with Lalaithien, a former priestess in the Temple of Emeleth. She has also become rather smitten by a young sailor named Lhainan who has now been courting her for almost two years.

After her brother Torrin saw for himself the abusive nature of his and Feira's aunt, Raewiel, Feira and her brother had separated from the remainder of their family. Bitter and determined to have the final word, Raewiel caused a great deal of trouble for Torrin and Feira, taking out a significant loan from an opium den under the brother's name. The debt mysteriously absolved, Raewiel was soon after discovered murdered in her home. Several days later Feira's father Lirion washed up at the base of the sea cliffs, having committed suicide. The young woman has yet to speak of the latter to anyone but her brother.

Currently studying: swordplay, Haradic, mathmatics and accounting, maritime warfare, Gondorian lore and myths, and struggling with studying law.

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