A great bonfire traditionally built of fragrant pine boughs that is lit at the beginning of the Fallowmath celebration. As the men go out to seek fuel for the Fallow-flame, the women stay behind to hang the traditional bundles of fragrant plants on the door-posts, and prepare the pit where the fire will be built. Then the flame is lit, and everyone gathers around it to share blessings and tales. The flame is kept burning for a full fortnight.

A Fallow-wish can be made by tossing a bough of fragrant pine on the flames and making a single wish. It is said that Fallow-wishes are likely to come true, given the watchful presence of one's ancestors and benevolent spirits during this time of year. It is also said that a kiss shared within the glow of the Fallow-flame brings great luck to the couple, and encourages an auspicious match.

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