Eruviel's Black Bow

A nigh unbreakable Elven bow once wielded by the Elf Lord Istuion and blessed for his decedents. After hanging on it's master's wall for generations, the bow was taken by the Eldar's daughter, Eruviel when she broke her father's trust in an attempt to aid Humans.

Returned, the bow was gifted to Istuion's son Milloth, and served him faithfully for a thousand years. Upon Milloth's death it was stolen by Angmarim faithful to Alagos, who lost it to a band of brigands, who lost it in the wilds. From there is was recovered by the witch Mama Babagi who returned it to Eruviel in exchange for a single strand of hair.

An elegant recurve, the bow is black as obsidian and polished to look like stone. Subtle shimmers of color flicker along it's curves in sunlight. The grip, bound in leather and gold, is embellished by mithril filigree that curls out of both ends. Eruviel has fashioned a black leather cover to bind over the grip and conceal it's metals when she is out and about.

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