The ghost of a young woman who lived in Arnor just before its sundering. She was a noblewoman who lived in one of the estates overlooking Lake Evendim.

Erefnen came to love a penniless minstrel named Basil, whom her parents forbade her from wedding due to his lowborn status. Erefnen made plans to run away with Basil, but he was caught and falsely charged with treason.

Erefnen attempted to rescue him from the prison on the island of Tollobel, and ended up having to cut off the littlest bone in her pinky to use it as a key into the dungeons. She was too late, however, and Basil was hanged that dawn. Despairing, Erefnen cast herself off a waterfall.

Erefnen lingered as a ghost, haunting the waterfall and the hills around it. Centuries later, when the Wayfarers reunited her with the ghost of Basil, she swore an oath of service to them. She and Basil were two of many allies who came to the Wayfarers' aid at Amon Min when their leader, Oendir, was kidnapped by the witch Kalidah.

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