A flirty, freewheeling young woman of Bree. For a time she was the housemate of Anyatka Tenorbrook.

Emmelina grew up on a farm near Hengstager’s Horse Farm in the northern Bree-lands. She fell for a boy by the name of Jameson Sicklefoose who dabbled with the wrong side of the law and ran with a band that likened themselves to be part of the Blackwolds, though it is unclear if the group of teenage boys actually were members of the organization.

After a fallout with Jameson and then her parents, Emma was sent to Bree to live with her Aunt Millie, a busy and self-righteous woman with a tendency toward overreaction. Emma, who now went by Lina, worked with her aunt in a small laundry that mainly tended to the linens at the Pony and the more well-off citizenry of Bree. As soon as she could, she moved out of her aunt’s home and into a boarding house for girls in Beggar’s Alley. There, she met Anyatka Tenorbekk when the girl became her roommate upon her arrival in Bree.

Lina recently learned of The Lady’s Mantle and is one of the newer girls to grace the bedsheets there. Her rather unique appearance, jovial and adventurous spirit, and inventiveness in the bedroom serves her well as she serves the men of the town.

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