Ellodie Sparrowdowns

A solitary and contemplative woman of both Rohirric and Breeish heritage. She is often struck by wanderlust, and is most at home in the deep wilderness away from the bustle of town live.

She is the first and only woman that the notorious womanizer Morducai Mossfoot ever loved. Though far more inclined to continue tomcatting, he eventually gave up his old lifestyle to settle down with her, and helped her purchase a small farm between Bree-land and The Shire. They both vowed that when they died, they would be buried together beneath the old oak tree at the corner of the graveyard where he worked and lived. He also named one of his beloved roses after her.

When Morty learned that he had a fourteen-year-old daughter he had never met, he leaned heavily on Ellodie to help him get through the shock, guilt, and panic. Soon after, Ellodie fled for the hills, leaving Morty to cope with this life change alone.

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